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Moving from OneSaas to CartRover

07 Jun 2021 02:53 PM Comment(s)

OneSaas Dropping Integrations After Acquisition

Intuit has acquired E-Commerce integration platform OneSaas to provide their own in-house integrations into QuickBooks' line of products. However, as part of this purchase OneSaas will be dropping support for their integration into competing products. This leaves customers using OneSaas to power their business OMS and WMS integrations in a tight spot while they look for alternatives.

Customers looking for a powerful and affordable alternative should consider CartRover. For only $39 per month, CartRover can sync order, shipping and inventory data between your sales channels and preferred order destination. With a large catalog of ready-to-go integrations for Order Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Shipping Platforms and other popular ERPs, transitioning out of OneSaas couldn't be easier. On top of this, CartRover integrations are free of transaction or volume fees.

Looking for a new 3PL to handle shipments? CartRover also hosts a list of 3PL partners ready to connect to your sales channels and help simplify the fulfillment process.

CartRover offers a drop-in replacement for most OneSaas customers and can be set up in less than a day. The CartRover support team is available to help ensure your setup goes smoothly.

In June, CartRover will also add support for product sync (beyond just inventory levels) with additional systems previously supported by OneSaas such as Unleashed, WooCommerce, and others. This functionality will become available at no extra cost.