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New CartRover Features! Item Filter Wildcards and Custom Order Prefixes

09 Aug 2021 05:00 AM Comment(s)

Item Filter WildCards

CartRover has long supported Item Filters which let you ignore or allow specific items during order download and inventory sync. This functionality has now been expanded to support wildcards. Wildcards makes maintaining a large list of items significantly easier. If some/many/all of the products you need to filter have a common start or end to the item code, you can use a single entry to match all of them. For Example:

Item Codes: HAT-01, HAT-02, HAT-AB
You can now match all of these items with the single Item Filter of: HAT-%

For full documentation on how to set up and use item filters, including wildcards, see our documentation page:  Item Filters - How to accept or ignore specific products

Custom Order Prefix

CartRover always guarantees that no two orders from different Order Sources will ever have conflicting order numbers in CartRover, or when sent to your Order Destination (3PL, WMS, OMS, etc). If two orders ever conflict, CartRover will add a suffix to one of the orders to ensure it is unique before it loads into CartRover. Many merchants have asked for a more visible way to both guarantee order numbers are unique across sales channels, as well as to easily see where an order came from.

To help with this, CartRover now offers a Custom Order Prefix option for all Order Sources in CartRover. When you enable this setting (Found in your Cart > Edit Settings page), you can define a different custom Order Number prefix for each Cart. Whatever you want it to be. Orders in CartRover will show up with the prefix and be searchable with or without the prefix. Orders sent to your 3PL or WMS/OMS system will also already have the prefix applied.

For example: If you set up the Custom Order Prefix of "ABC-" An order loading with the Order Number 10425 will instead load as: ABC-10425. The order number in the cart will remain unchanged, and behind the scenes CartRover will retain the original order number to ensure tracking information flows back to the cart without issues.