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Shopify Changes Are Here - Are You Ready?

03 Apr 2020 06:35 PM Comment(s)

Is Your Ecommerce Platform Up To Date?

In April of 2019, Shopify introduced a new process for rolling out API updates and gave users one year to prepare. These changes were set to take effect on April 1st, 2020, but due to COVID-19 Shopify extended this deadline one time until July 1st 2020.

Many of you may remember the last major Shopify API update that affected how locations work.  Both individually managed connections and integration platforms were caught by surprise and the issues cascaded to thousands of merchants and sellers. Companies were left unprepared and once the changes went live on Shopify, they were scrambling to figure out why their customers suddenly weren't receiving tracking numbers or shipment notifications for any of their orders.

Shopify now releases new API versions every 3 months and only supports them for 9 months! This means a new round of research, testing and updating for developers is required at least twice a year, just to to ensure the integration is up to date and doesn't take your business down. This new workload can impact your company's expansion, support efforts, and marketing; especially if you have multiple integrations to manage. Don't wait for your company's business to grind to halt again before taking action.

API Release Schedule Credit: Shopify

Solving This Problem

Focus on your core strengths as a company and offload work that would be a distraction. Release schedules like these are beginning to demand an entire integrations department to support. If you sell on Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy or other platforms, the costs of staying on top of system changes multiply! We're seeing similar release schedules being adopted in other online marketplaces and it's becoming less cost effective or practical for companies of any size to internally manage and maintain their own eCommerce integrations. You shouldn't have to turn into a tech company just to provide a quality product to your customers.

Systems like CartRover are dedicated specifically to keeping up with changes in every eCommerce platform so you don't have to. With a single connection to CartRover, every shopping cart and marketplace is standardized so you no longer have to worry where orders are coming from, how you will get them loaded, and whether or not your connection will go down in April when someone changes their API. Our integrations are routinely updated to keep your business compatible with the latest changes. The cost of peace of mind has never been lower.