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3PL Central Acquires CartRover

01 Dec 2021 09:02 AM Comment(s)

3PL Central Acquires CIO Technologies, Parent Company of CartRover

On November 22nd, 3PL Central acquired CartRover’s parent company, CIO Technologies.

Since 1986, CIO Technologies and CartRover have provided warehouse management and ecommerce software solutions to enable 3PLs and brands to grow through the power of integrated technology. I'm so thankful for the small, dedicated, and passionate team that has built this tremendous organization and the loyal customers that have challenged us to expand our integrations and to help them solve ever larger more complex challenges to support their growth. 3PL Central has seen this passion and found it a great fit to expand their support for all merchants and integrate the world's ecommerce platforms.

Today marks a new chapter for our team as we join the 3PL Central suite of omnichannel fulfillment solutions. As part of 3PL Central, we will see many positive changes, including greater investment in product development, customer experience, and support. They are dedicated to growing the CartRover platform and making it more reliable than ever before. By the numbers, we are planning to significantly increase investment in our integrations team.

I want to make it clear that CartRover is not going anywhere. We will continue to support all our existing integrations and plan to expand our offerings, not reduce them. Both the CartRover team and 3PL Central are dedicated to making selling and shipping as easy and painless as possible for all merchants.

Why is this Exciting?

When approached by the team at 3PL Central regarding the potential of merging our businesses, we knew they were the market leaders, building the technology required for the next generation of dynamic, hybrid omnichannel fulfillment. As we already support integrations for 3PL Warehouse Manager and Skubana and share hundreds of common customers, it made sense to join forces to make it easier to buy and implement integrated omnichannel fulfillment at a scale we could not do on our own. However, we will continue to passionately support customers of other warehouse management and order management solutions.

Who is 3PL Central?

3PL Central is a leader in cloud-based warehouse management (WMS), inventory management (IMS), and order management (OMS) solutions built to meet unique omnichannel fulfillment needs of both brands and third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses. The 3PL Central solution set also includes Skubana, who offers an industry leading order management system and Scout topShelf, that offers an accessible cloud-based WMS for brands and retailers. Across its brands, the company manages billions of dollars in inventory and processes more than 100 million orders a year through their customers' systems.

What to Expect Next?

You can continue to expect a great experience through CartRover and the dedicated service that comes along with it. CartRover will continue to operate business as usual. Going forward, CartRover will continue to support all existing order sources and order destinations, even those that may be viewed as competitive with 3PL Central's products.
For customers already on 3PL Warehouse Manager or Skubana OMS, you can expect an improved and streamlined integration process in the coming months. We plan to add support for Scout topShelf WMS in the near future.

In 2022, we will focus on making the CartRover platform even more robust, easier to use, and more extensible. We have also been collecting your feedback on desired features and platforms to support, and will be announcing new integrations and capabilities soon.

Where to Find More Information

As we capitalize on opportunities that arise from this acquisition, our team will update you regularly. If you're looking for more information on our vision for the future, you can read the full press release here.

If you have questions or concerns about the CartRover platform, please reach out to our team at
3PL Central